Booster Update 2014-01-16

update booster pool elite elo protector booster

★ New Update on Pool Elite ! ★

Our developers worked hard again and we released an update which includes new features and bug fixes:

✔Your ELO is my LEGO
ELO Protector and ELO Booster items are added to SHOP.
Elo Protector 15%: You will lose 15% less Elo points with this item.
Elo Protector 30%: You will lose 30% less Elo points with this item.
Elo Booster 15%: You will earn 15% more Elo points with this item.
Elo Booster 30%: You will earn 30% more Elo points with this item.

✔Instant purchase option during game
During game, you will see mini equipment offers near your profile card. You will be able to purchase these items instantly by clicking on offered item boxes which is appeared.

✔New ingame profile card
Ingame profile cards are renewed and minimized. You will be able to see the equipment of both sides ingame by opening the equipment case on profile card.

✔Share your performance!
-Facebook share button is added to Profile and League screen. The screenshot of your Pool Elite Profile and League will be shared when you click “f” button on your profile and league. Start sharing what you did! smile emoticon
-Pool Elite watermark is added to shared screenshots.

✔Bye Christmas Theme!
Christmas theme is replaced with default Pool Elite theme. A new theme is on the way smile emoticon

✔Double Bet will not wait
When double bet function is used in game, the opponent could wait for it to accept or decline until the end of the game. After today, when double bet function is used and if the opponent doesn’t accept or decline it, it will be declined automatically after a short time.

-Game score tie bug is fixed.
-Foul rule on re-spotting coloured balls is fixed.
-Visual bugs are fixed.

✔The bug on win/lose screen
When you win, rarely you might see that your ELO point was decreased. However at system side, the scoring system was working well. With the update today, this text bug is fixed and when you win you will see what you should see on ELO point part of win/lose screen.

✔Optimized quick chat
-Quick chat texts are optimized and when you use quick chat it will be shown as pop-up, too.
-Chat box will be able to minimized by using minimize button.

✔It’s your turn!
Rematch function is fixed. Now the sides will start the match by turns when rematch function is used.

✔No decrease for selected bet
The bet will not decrease if you cannot find an opponent on selected bet. The system will search for opponent until it finds.

Don’t forget that Pool Elite is improving everyday, if you find a bug or have a suggestion about our game, just share it with us by writing comment or sending message smile emoticon

Thank you all for your support.

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