Google Chrome Announcement 2015-04-16

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Dear Pool Elite players,
We need to make an announcement regarding Google Chrome update!
Google has planned to remove a plug-in used to play Facebook games and apps which means players won’t be able to use any Facebook apps on Chrome.

You can play Pool Elite in other browsers such as Firefox, Explorer, Safari etc. We are also working for updating our game.

To play Pool Elite on Chrome for a while, you can make a change on settings.
How to change Chrome settings?
Copy and paste this bold text to address bar on Chrome= chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
When you enter, you will see a settings page which includes Enable options. On this page Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows should be highlighted automatically.

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3. Click blue Enable text under yellow Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows part. It will turn into Disable.


4. Try running Pool Elite after this change. If it still says “Sorry, your browser can’t run this app”, you need to restart your computer. After restart, the settings will work.

NOTE: This change will not harm your computer. If you have questions about it, just send us a message from page.

Thank you all for your support.

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