Halloween Update 2014-10-28

pool elite halloween update image

We are very excited to announce our big HALLOWEEN UPDATE!
With your help, our developers have fixed existing bugs and implemented some awesome new contents!

What has changed you ask?
-Tons of NEW Items are added in the Shop!
Now our items are now more effective! New Cue Sticks aside, now you can equip, Gloves, Glasses, Chalks and Watches and boost your performance!
Both item prices and performance balance were optimized for the best game experience possible.

-Bye bye Boosters!
We have removed our old boosters from the games. For anyone that may have been inconvenienced by the change we have sent you 10 Gold! Be sure to check out the new Items in the Shop!

-New Player Profile!
Now you will be able to see your current equipment in a single glance!

-Optimized Match Making
You will be matched with opponents based on both ELO and network compatibility.

-Don’t Fear Help is here!
The Help center is updated and now includes information on our ELO System and other in game functions.

-Invite your friends! It’s a Party!
Now you can invite multiple friends with a single Invite panel! Now earning Chips are easier than ever!

-Check the box to Claim your Prize!
You must now check the prize confirmation pop up to get your League and Friend Invite rewards.

-Snooker is now More Gentlemanly!
Now you can “Skip Turn” if your opponent has deliberately fouled the ball (“Skip Turn” doesn’t apply when the Cue ball is pocketed.)
Pocketing two red balls in a row is no longer registered as foul (as it should have been).

Don’t forget our game is still being optimized for your gaming pleasure so feel free to share your suggestions and ideas with us!

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