League Update 2014-11-04

pool elite new league divisions elo

Get Ready for Higher Level of Competition on Pool Elite Leagues!

Now your league will be filled with active and more competitive players.

  • With the new league system, the ELO limits and number of competitors have been updated.

    The start ELO points for the leagues are;
    2100 ELO for Elite League
    1500 ELO for Diamond League
    100 ELO for Emerald League
    1050 ELO for Gold League
    900 ELO for Silver League
    600 ELO for Bronze League
  • Play for the top and claim your reward!
    The players on 1st place for All Divisions,
    Top 2 players in Silver, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Elite Divisions,
    Top 3 players in Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Elite Divisions will get Gold in addition to Chips.
    Enjoy competition on Pool Elite! 
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