[EVENT] Mr. Magic Event 2015-02-04

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Mr. Magic Event starts in Pool Elite!

In video below, you will see three different shots made by World Champion Semih Sayginer.
Can you make the same shot in Pool Elite?

Choose your favorite shot and record the same one in Pool Elite, send us your video and WIN Mr. Magic Cue and special prizes!
PS: We will check the videos with World Champion Semih Mr. Magic” Sayginer.

-You can use practice room (PLAY> Game Type> Just Practice Alone) to arrange the balls without the need of opponent.

How to record and send the video:

You can record your game play screen by using screen recording programs like Fraps, Bandicam OR Camtasia.
Fraps FAQ: http://www.fraps.com/faq.php#videocap
Bandicam FAQ: http://www.bandicam.com/product/how_to_record_desktop_screen
Camtasia FAQ: http://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-camtasia-8.html

Launch Pool Elite > Start recording program > Record your game

After recording is completed, the video should be uploaded to Youtube OR Facebook.
(You can decrease your video size with Windows Movie Maker program)

When your video is ready, you can send the link of video to us from Pool Elite Fan Page as message or under the event post.

Event starts at: 4th February 2015, Wednesday
Event finishes at: 18th February 2015, Wednesday [UTC 7PM]
Winners will be announced at: 20th February 2015, Friday
Winners will receive the prizes at: 20th February 2015, Friday

Start recording your shot on Pool Elite > bit.ly/poolelite3Dgame

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