Pool Elite – V1.7 Update

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V1.7 Update

Hi friends, Pool Elite V1.7 Update is live! What’s new?

– Play VS BOT
You don’t want to play against someone? Don’t want to be alone in practice, too? Then you can play 8 Ball and 9 Ball games with our newbie BOT. Follow Play > Solo > Play VS BOT steps to find your first BOT opponent.

– Gold Bet
You can start earning Gold by defeating your opponents by using Gold Bet system.
To send Gold Bet offer to your opponent during the match, you need to click Gold icon on the left, select your wager amount and send offer. Then all you need to do is winning the match after getting the offer approval from your opponent!

– Reconnect/connection problems are fixed. If the match is frozen due to connection problems, it will start to continue after a while.

– XP winning per match is increased from 50 to 75 for the match win and 20 to 35 for the match loss.

– You will see your expired items at login and will not forget to renew them.

– Precise aim sensitivity is added to settings. This will help you to set your precise aim sensitivity manually.

Thank you all for your continuous support. Keep sharing your feedback anything related with our game and V1.7 update under this post.
Have a nice day all!

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