unity web player

Pro Update 2015-05-07

pro update pool elite 8 ball 9 ball snooker carom 3 cushion online browser pool game concede tutorial

✔ A New Room for Pro Players! The room and bet selection screens are renewed. With the new room and bet selection options, both new and pro players will be matched with best suitable...

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Have a Blank Screen Issue?

pool elite unity web player logo unity3d

As we were informed, some of our players experience with blank screen while launching our game. The reasons of this issue may be based on the browser, Unity Web Player or general settings of the...

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Booster Update 2014-01-16

update booster pool elite elo protector booster

★ New Update on Pool Elite ! ★ Our developers worked hard again and we released an update which includes new features and bug fixes: ✔Your ELO is my LEGO: ELO Protector and ELO Booster items are...

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