5 Match Update 2015-07-09

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★ 5 Match Update in Pool Elite! ★
We have good news! With your feedback, we worked on new features and made a nice update today.

Here is a list of new features:
✔ Play and win!
You will win Chips if you complete 5 matches in a day. In addition to 5 Matches Chips, you can earn more Chips according to you ELO.
*If you or your opponent leave the match, 5 match challenge will not count.

✔ Chips incoming!
You can claim chips in each 30 minutes. The claim button is located near Practice menu on lobby. You can claim more chips according to your ELO.
We also removed daily prize system because you can earn more Chips than before in a day with our new system. like emoticon

✔ New Shop, Big Sale!
With your feedback, we optimized the prices of our items in Shop.
Daily items are back, Weekly and Monthly items are on sale! Don’t forget to visit shop for nice offers.

✔ Reconnect feature!
We were working on reconnect feature for a while to fix the disconnection problem of our players. With the update today, reconnect feature is applied to our servers. If you(or your opponent) have connection problem, the system will wait for you to fix your connection problem for 45 seconds in a match. If you cannot fix your connection problem in 45 seconds or if you experience with connection problem more than 3 times in a match, you will lose the match automatically.

✔ Become a famous conqueror!
We will announce the World Conquerors like Lucky Spin winners. Complete the world game and let everyone know that you conquered the world.

✔ Bug Fixes:
– The bug in 9 Ball game mode is fixed. When you were about to pot 9 Ball, your opponent could take your turn and win the match by potting 9 Ball.
– When you have zero star in time and purchase an item which gives extra time, it was staying same as zero. This visual bug is fixed.
– The game is optimized for better game play experience.

If you experience with any errors or have suggestions, please share them as comments or via in-game bug report tool.
Bug reporters may have a chance to win special prizes from us.
We are reading all of your bug reports and sending a reply to your e-mail addresses if needed.

Play Pool Elite now! ▶▶ bit.ly/1LTWjo7

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