Casual Update 2015-07-27

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★ Casual Update in Pool Elite!★
We have good news for you all. With the update today, we applied nice features to our game.
Here is the list!
✔ New Casual Room!
You don’t care about ELO? Then we have a new room for you: Casual! In Casual room, you don’t lose or win ELO and you play only for Chips.
You should try out the new Casual room. 🙂

✔ New ELO limit for Veteran Room!
The ELO limit for Veteran room will start from 1250+ ELO instead of 1150+ ELO.

✔ Game point and double bet points for Carom and 3 Cushion are changed!
Game points for Carom and 3 Cushion will be 10 for Rookie – 15 for Seasoned – 20 for Veteran – 10 for Casual Room.
“Double Bet” points for Carom will be 5 for Rookie – 10 for Seasoned – 20 for Veteran – 5 for Casual Room.

Don’t forget to share your opinions and suggestions with us.
Thank you all for your support!

Play Pool Elite now! ➤

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