Challenging Update 2014-12-03

happy thanks giving pool elite

★ New Update on Pool Elite! ★
With your suggestions and magical power of our developers, we released an update today which includes new features. So please find “what we did with the update list” below:

✔Leagues want you!
-You will be able to send a challenge to online players in your league and win ELO! Don’t forget that if you lose, you will lose ELO points, too. To send a challenge, just visit your league and click challenge button if a player is online!
-You will receive Facebook notification when you drop from Top 3 in your league.
-Mini tooltip button near league button will appear on lobby when your standing in league changes.

✔No pain, no gain!
-You can Double the Bet in-game. In Carom, doubling the bet increases the finishing point by 5 points at the same time. To send Double Bet offer to your opponent, click “Double Bet” button on upper left corner while in match, if your opponent accepts the offer, the bet will be doubled.

✔Profiles got new features!
-You will be able to challenge players with the challenge button on their profiles and see your own Gold and Chip amount on your profile.
-You can see how much points left to next division when you mouse over your ELO point in your profile.

✔See what’s your opponent have!
-When you mouse over on your opponent box in-game, you will be able to see the equipment stats of your opponent as stars.

✔Carom: Finishing point in Carom is fixed at 10 points for each bet level. To play for higher finishing points, you can double the bet.

✔Snooker: Foul point system in Snooker is fixed.

✔Connection quality is upgraded so most of the problems about server disconnection will be fixed.

✔Thanksgiving theme is replaced with default Pool Elite theme.

✔Minor bugs are fixed.

Thank you all for your support and nice wishes!
If you find a bug or the thing that does not work right, please inform us about the issue by using in-game bug report tool or through our Facebook fan page.
Don’t forget to share your ideas and suggestions with us. Keep busy our developers
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