Upcoming features in Pool Elite​! 2015-04-28

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Upcoming features in Pool Elite!
Our game is improving with your feedback! Do you want to know which features will come to Pool Elite with the new update?

Let’s check them out!
✔ Onboarding Tutorial: We’ll learn how to play Pool Elite!

✔ New Room and Bet Selection: With the new room and bet selection options, both new and pro players will be matched with best suitable opponents. There will be 4 rooms: Rookie, Seasoned, Veteran, Pro with different bet options and ELO limitations. Be prepared for Best of 3 (BO3) system!

✔ Concede Option for Snooker: One of the most anticipated feature “concede option” will be added to Snooker!

✔Auto Reconnect when Disconnected: The other anticipated feature for the players who have low connection quality is auto-reconnect feature. Under specific conditions, the disconnected player will be able to re-connect to the match again.

✔ Special Offers in Shop: In addition to existing items in Shop, we will have special offers for each player.

✔ “The Best” Boxes in Leaderboards: Who’s rising star? Which items they use? We will see all the news from leaders here!

Pool Elite Team

Let’s play Pool Elite now> bit.ly/1EzZwFT

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