New Update 2015-06-24

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★ New Update in Pool Elite! ★

We have good news for you! After reviewing your feedback, we worked on new features and made a nice update today.
Here is a list of changes:
✔ Lucky Spin is renewed!
We are sure that you’ll like new items. Try out our new Lucky Spin now. 🙂

✔ Leagues according to game modes!
One of the most requested feature was the leagues according to game modes. When you click on “My League” menu, you will see that the players in your league have same favored game type with you.

✔ Weekly and Monthly items are on sale for 20%!
Don’t miss the celebration sale for New Lucky Spin. 🙂

✔ New language Bahasa!
Bahasa language is added to Pool Elite. To change the language Click Settings button > Select language as Bahasa.

If you experience with any errors or have suggestions, please send us bug report via in-game bug report tool or send message to us from this page.
Bug reporters may have a chance to win special prizes from us.
We are reading all of your bug reports and sending a reply to your e-mail addresses if needed.

Thank you for your support!
Play Pool Elite! ▶▶

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