PEML V1.30 Update is Live!

Hi everyone,
V1.30 Update is Live!

What’s new with v1.30 Update?

1) Elite Pass
Elite Pass is a new way to earn rewards in Pool Elite!
You will see a list of rewards including Cue Sticks, Accessories, Gold/Chips, Trophies and new Cases at Elite Pass menu that will be renewed with each Season.
Rank represents your progress in Elite Pass and you rank up by collecting stars. How to collect stars? Complete missions, level-up your account, play Challenges and Lucky Spin or open Cases!

*Previously earned stars from Challenges can be claimed from Mailbox so don’t forget to check your Mailbox.

*We will share more detailed information about Elite Pass system in another post.

2) Season Leaderboard
We have a new leaderboard which shows Top 100 players according to Elite Pass rank in that Season. And there is no more weekly league!

3) Improved Venue
When you enter a match, be prepared to be impressed by renewed 3D venue. Our graphic artists made their best to optimize and improve visuality of the venue. We’re sure that you’ll feel yourself at billiards hall!

4) New UI Design
With the Elite Pass update, we also renewed our UI design. It’s very classy now!

5) New Game Camera
One of the best features of v1.30 update is new camera: Focus Camera. You’ll be able use different angles while aiming.

6) Recharging Items with Both Chips or Gold
Previously you could recharge your item with only Gold or only Chips. Now you can recharge your item with both Chips or Gold. You can also select your auto-recharge type as Gold or Chips.

7) Renewed Lucky Spin
Lucky Spin is renewed, too! It includes Elite Pass stars, Tickets, Gold and so on.

8) New Cases
We have new cases including new contents. You can earn cases from Elite Pass and from special events.

9) Item Rarity System
All items in Pool Elite now have rarity indicator which express the quality of the item. Each rarity has a name and color associated with it:
Common – Grey
Uncommon – Green
Rare – Blue
Epic – Purple
Legendary – Orange

10) Other updates:
– Chips can be purchased with Gold now.
– Both Friends and Practice menus can be found under Practice menu.
– When you run out of tickets, Tickets can be purchased from offers and can be earned from Elite Pass.

We’ll keep updating our game, let us know your thoughts! And thanks for playing!
Pool Elite Masters League Team

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