Pool Elite V1.08 Update is Live!

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New Ranked System is Live with V1.8 Update!

Hi all, V1.8 Update is finally here and this update is mainly focused on new ranked system.

When you select Ranked Match today, you will see completely new things. At first, Select Bet Amount screen will welcome you and you will be able to enter ranked matchmaking by selecting bet amount.

After making a selection, you will see Become a Champion screen where the main competition occurs. You need to win each round in tournament mode to become a champion!

Do not forget that after selecting game mode in new ranked system, you will not be able to change it until becoming a champion of tournament or losing a round.

The changes are?

– Non-stop tournaments instead of existing Ranked Match system.

– Today’s champions leaderboard which shows the champions of the day in new Ranked Match system.

– Monthly ELO reset. (You will still see your highest ELO at your profile)

– Chip versions of cue sticks with division requirement.

– Updated Gold bet options.

Why we’ve changed the system?

– First of all, ELO system was not working well with previous system and the change is requested by our players frequently.

– The ELO difference between high and low ELO players was too much and this was affecting ranked matchmaking quality.

– ELO difference was also affecting the quality of weekly leagues.

– Loss of attention for competition after reaching highest and lowest ELO.

– Seasonal league system should be more efficient.

The new ranked system is under beta so that if you experience with any issue in our game, please feel free to report it to us. We will be waiting for your suggestions, too.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Pool Elite Team

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