Pro Update Hot Fix 2015-05-13

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Maintenance is completed in Pool Elite!
With the scheduled maintenance today, most of our game features are improved and existing bugs are fixed.
Please find the maintenance notes below:
✔ Professional touch to Carom!
The ending point was starting at 10 in Carom in all bets. With your feedback, the ending point will start at 15 in Veteran room and will start at 20 in Pro room. Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us.
✔ Top camera fix in Carom and 3 Cushion
In low resolutions, the edge of Carom and 3 Cushion table were under the spin gauge & power bar and rarely were causing small errors such as miss clicks. After our update, the UI elements are reorganized to not to affect gameplay.
✔ “It’s your turn” will not last long!
When it is your turn, the text notification were staying on middle of screen for a while. With your feedback, the duration of this notification text is reduced and will not stay on screen too long.
Improved helper cone!
The distance between each stars is now equal on helper cone while aiming.
✔ Improved 8 Ball and 9 Ball tables!
In some cases, the balls were bouncing out of table while potting. After the improvement, the balls will not bounce at higher rates while potting.
✔ Improved room selection window!
The UI of room selection is reorganized for better user experience. Play! button is now located on middle of window instead of bottom.
✔ Concede on Snooker!
Players can concede on Snooker when the point difference were 43 +(red balls on table x 8), after the improvement the difference point is 27+(red balls on table x 8). We wish you a good game to not to see concede button. smile emoticon
✔Leaving the page bug on Mozilla Firefox is fixed!
Rarely, while joining the match the page was showing the pop up error message by saying “you are about to leave the match”, after our fix the pop up error is fixed.
Please inform us if you experience with any bug in our game.
Thank you for your support and sending us your feedback!
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