LifeTime Super Spin Update 2015-07-24

pool elite trick shot 8 ball 9 ball carom 3 cushion snooker online browser pool game lucky spin permanent lifetime spin

★ LifeTime Super Lucky Spin Update! ★ LifeTime items are added to Lucky Spin with the maintenance. Now, you have a chance to win LifeTime Super Cue Stick, LifeTime Super Chalk, LifeTime Super Glove, LifeTime...

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Leaderboards Update 2015-03-19

leaderboards update in pool elite elo league 8 ball 9 ball carom 3 cushion snooker

★ Leaderboards Update is live in Pool Elite! ★ ✔New leaderboards! You wanted it, we did it! Leaderboards has new features now. You can check Top 10 players in Global, in your Country and between your...

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Booster Update 2014-01-16

update booster pool elite elo protector booster

(English) ★ New Update on Pool Elite ! ★ Our developers worked hard again and we released an update which includes new features and bug fixes: ✔Your ELO is my LEGO: ELO Protector and ELO Booster items...

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(English) Snooker & Carom Update 2014-11-19

pool elite, billiards, snooker, carom, 8 ball, update, bug

(English) Good news from Pool Elite team! With the update today, we fixed existing bugs and implemented new features: -Winning score for Carom is changed! -Draw game rule for Snooker is added! -Share the good news! -Optimized gaming! Click to...

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(English) New Year Update 2012-12-18

new year christmas update pool elite

(English) New Year Update on Pool Elite! ✔HAPPY NEW YEAR! Christmas Theme is added to game. In addition to beautiful design on lobby, you will hear a nice song, too. ✔Your league is special as you! Leaderboards...

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(English) League Update 2014-11-04

pool elite new league divisions elo

(English) Get Ready for Higher Level of Competition on Pool Elite Leagues! -With the new league system, the ELO limits and number of competitors have been updated. -Division leaders will get the Gold prize in addition...

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(English) Halloween Update 2014-10-28

pool elite halloween update image

(English) The BIG HALLOWEEN UPDATE is ON LIVE on Pool Elite! -Bye bye Boosters! Old boosters are removed from the game. Be sure to check out the new Items in the Shop! -Now you will be...

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