LifeTime Super Spin Update 2015-07-24

pool elite trick shot 8 ball 9 ball carom 3 cushion snooker online browser pool game lucky spin permanent lifetime spin

★ LifeTime Super Lucky Spin Update! ★ LifeTime items are added to Lucky Spin with the maintenance. Now, you have a chance to win LifeTime Super Cue Stick, LifeTime Super Chalk, LifeTime Super Glove, LifeTime...

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Pro Update Hot Fix 2015-05-13

pool elite update carom ending point rules 8 ball 9 ball snooker bug fix elo

Please find the maintenance notes below: ✔ Professional touch to Carom! The ending point was starting at 10 in Carom in all bets. With your feedback, the ending point will start at 15 in Veteran room...

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Pro Update 2015-05-07

pro update pool elite 8 ball 9 ball snooker carom 3 cushion online browser pool game concede tutorial

✔ A New Room for Pro Players! The room and bet selection screens are renewed. With the new room and bet selection options, both new and pro players will be matched with best suitable...

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Semih Sayginer Update 2015-01-22

semih sayginer champion pool elite carom 3 bant bilardo billiards

(English) ★ Semih "Mr. Magic" Sayginer ★ Update is now live on Pool Elite! 3-Cushion World Champion Mr. Magic brought new equipment to Shop and 3-Cushion mode to our game.

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(English) Challenging Update 2014-12-03

happy thanks giving pool elite

(English) ★ New Update on Pool Elite! ★ With your suggestions and magical power of our developers, we released an update today which includes new features. So please find “what we did with the update...

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