Leaderboards Update 2015-03-19

leaderboards update in pool elite elo league 8 ball 9 ball carom 3 cushion snooker

★ Leaderboards Update is live in Pool Elite! ★

✔New leaderboards!
You wanted it, we did it! Leaderboards has new features now. You can check Top 10 players in Global, in your Country and between your friends with game type filter option. Yes, you can filter Top 10 players according to their favorite game types. With new leaderboards, each player will have their own favorite game type. Favorite game type will be determined according to most played game.
If you play Carom more than the other game types, Carom will be your favorite game type.
Your favorite game type is Snooker and you want to see Top 10 players in Snooker? Then just select Snooker from filter and see your placement among Snooker players!

✔Your favorite game type!
Players will have their favorite game type icon on their profiles. Therefore you can see the favorite game type of players by checking their profiles.

✔Survey with prize!
We added a survey to “Earn More Chips” menu to learn what do you think about our game. We will analyze the results carefully. Also you will receive 500 chips after you complete the survey.

✔Random break in Snooker!
Random break feature with a low rate is added to Snooker. Our other games (8 Ball, 9 Ball) already have random break feature.

✔Continuous chat!
Chat box was resetting itself after rematch function is used. After update, you will be able to continue to chat with your opponent.

✔Exclusive area for Pro players!
Only the players who have 1200 or more ELO will be able to play in “Pro” room. You are good at billiards? Then your place should be Pro room.

✔Bugs are fixed:
-In-game: The spin ball image stuck bug is fixed.
-Purchase: The visual bug which occurs while extending the duration of item on login is fixed. The duration of item will be shown properly without refreshing the game.

✔Button colors are changed
The colors of positive buttons will be green and color of negative buttons will be red.

✔The game is optimized for better game experience.
-We are working on “return to lobby” error and will release a patch to fix disconnection problems soon. We are sorry about that some of our players experience with the issue.

If you experience with any errors or have suggestions, please send us bug report via in-game bug report tool or send message to us from this page. We are reading all of your bug reports and sending a reply to your e-mail address if needed.
Thank you for your support.

Play Pool Elite > bit.ly/1xBayUW

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