PEML V1.21 Update is Live!

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New era starts in Pool Elite!
As we’re improving our game with each update, we’re starting new era today. Our name is now Pool Elite Masters League, stay tuned for the news!

What’s new with v1.21 Update?

➤ View cue sticks in 3D!
One of the nice features of V1.21 is being able to view cue sticks in 3D. While in Shop or Inventory, just click on any cue sticks to open them in 3D view mode. We suggest you to check all of them and select your favorite cue stick.

➤ Transparent scoreboard
Scoreboard will be transparent while moving the cue stick in match. Therefore it will affect your gameplay positively.

➤ Notification for auto-recharged items
If the auto-recharge feature of your equipped items are ON, we will inform you with a notification in match when the items are recharged.

➤ Better user experience for Practice mode
After potting all the balls in solo practice mode, we will show a notification that says “You need to use restart button to return break position”.

➤ Better user experience for Hotseat mode
It will be written “Player 1’s Turn and Player 2’s Turn” instead of “It’s Your Turn”.
The photos of each players will have different colors.

➤ Many many bugs were fixed.

➤ Visual improvements are applied.

Thanks for playing!
Pool Elite Masters League Team

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