Pool Elite V1.03 Update is Online!

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V1.03 Update – Iceman Challenge

Hey all! A new Pool Elite update is online. We are releasing our first challenge game today: Iceman Challenge along with some new features and bug fixes.

– Iceman Challenge:
Iceman Challenge is a single player game mode which allows you to challenge yourself in 8 Ball game against limited time and limited number of shots. The rule is simple: Pocket all the balls within given time and limited number of shots and get the rewards.
You will be rewarded with Chips at the end of each step and with a Trophy at the end of each challenge category. Don’t forget that the challenge game gets harder as you progress.
Now it’s time to try our challenge game: Click PLAY menu, then select SOLO and ICEMAN CHALLENGE!

– Showing pocketed balls at break in 8 Ball:
One of the most requested feature for 8 Ball game mode was being able to see which balls are pocketed at break. With 1.03 Update , the pocketed balls at break will be shown on score board at top.

– Performance optimization:
We found an important bug in graphic settings with the help of our players. Some of our players had performance problem even when the low graphic quality was selected. This performance problem is fixed with the update today.

– See if your opponent left:
We’ve made some improvements at match result screen. Previously, you were not be able to notice easily if your opponent is still ingame or not. From now on, if your opponent leaves the match, his/her profile picture will disappear, too and we will notify you with a small text in bubble.

As always, thank you for your support and feedback. If you have any issues regarding this update, please inform us via posting comment or sending us a message.

Have a great day all!


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