Pool Elite – V1.9 Update is Live!

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Hello everyone, Pool Elite V1.9 Update is live!

Check out the new features and changes below:

– A new mini game: HI-LO!
You need to guess if the next ball is higher or lower. You can go for bigger wins after 4 correct guesses or cash out to receive won amount. Follow Market > Mini Games > Hi-Lo steps to start playing Hi-Lo mini game.

– New PLAY Menu:
The new play menu is simplified for better user experience. There will be only 2 options; Play Online and Solo. Play Online has same features with previous Ranked Match mode and there will be no Casual Match mode anymore.

– Only the first letter of surname in Today’s Champions list will be shown instead of showing full surname on Become a Champion menu.

– Back/ESC button behavior is improved in all possible screens.

– Now it’s possible to click entire tier selection button instead of being able to click small tier selection button in Play Online > Select Bet Amount menu.

– PLAY > SOLO menu order is changed as 1. Play VS Bot, 2. Practice, 3. Iceman Challenge

– Market menu is located under League menu on main lobby.

– Minor localization errors are fixed.

The new features are under beta so that if you experience with any issue in our game, please feel free to report it to us.
Thank you for your support!
Pool Elite Team

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