Tournament Standards Update 2015-04-15

tournament standards in pool elite 8 ball 9 ball snooker carom 3 cushion online pool game

★ Tournament Standards Update in Pool Elite! ★

✔  Tournament standards has arrived!
When you start to play 8 Ball and 9 Ball in Pool Elite today, you will see new tables with new colors and resized holes. The changes are made according to tournament standards in the world which means you will play with the tournament standardized tables as professional players!

✔ Mini game on new match finding screen!
While searching for new opponent on each game mode, you will see an active radar circle and countries on match finding screen. We will try to conquer the world until the day ends! 🙂
Shortly, when you matched with players from specific regions (Europe, Asia etc) and win the game, that part of region will be flagged once conquered. The big prize for conquering the world needs to be adjusted depending on the bets, discarding the lesser wins of the same regions.
We will post another note about our mini-game for the details soon.

✔ Turns are more valuable!
In each game mode, we will count your scores or number of the balls pocketed. You wanted it, we did it! (Y)

✔ Marking the placements of colored balls
In Snooker game mode, the placements of the colored balls will be marked with small white circles.

✔ First aid for newbies!
New players will start to play with support of us until getting used to gameplay.
Level 1 player will have +3 power, +3 spin, +5 helper.
Level 2 player will have +2 power, +2 spin, +4 helper.
Level 3 player will have +1 power, +1 spin, +3 helper.

✔ The challenge button from “My League” is removed.

✔League prizes are increased.

✔ Fixed bugs:
Rarely the balls were stuck on the edge of tables, with the new patch the balls will fall into table or out of the table.

If you experience with any errors or have suggestions, please send us bug report via in-game bug report tool or send message to us from this page. We are reading all of your bug reports and sending a reply to your e-mail address if needed.

Thank you for your support!

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