PEML V1.22.2 Update is Live!

Hi everyone,
V1.22.2 Update is Live!

What’s new with v1.22.2 Update?

*Stats information of cue sticks will be shown on 3D view screen.
*The information of expired items will be shown after launching the game.
*Daily Objectives will reset at 00:00 every day.
*Turn time is increased in game.
*Play Again button is added at the end of challenge games.
*Visual improvements were made for better user experience.
*Some translation errors were fixed.Concede button in Snooker game mode will ask for confirmation before ending the game.
*Tutorial for new players is improved.
*There will be only 1 reconnect chance instead of 3.
*Many visual and technical bugs were fixed.
*Improvements for logging from another device feature were made.

Thanks for playing!
Pool Elite Masters League Team

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