PEML V1.31 Update is Live!

Hello everyone!

We know you guys have been excited for the new update, so there it is! Pool Elite v1.31 Elite Pass update is launched! Let’s jump on to the updates;

► Push Notification

With the new update, you will receive two new mobile notifications:

A notification will pop when the Elite Pass and Free Pass missions are ready, which makes it easier to track your missions.

‘’You forgot your reward!’’ If there is a reward to claim of a mission you left or a reward available from a completed mission; you will receive the notification. No missed rewards from now on!

► Tutorial Mode

Focus Camera Tutorial
We added a tutorial mode for our Focus Camera. With this update, you will be able to play the Focus Camera Tutorial.

Furthermore, a ‘’Skip the Tutorial’’ button will be available, YAY! Good news for the old pro’s!

► Leaderboards

Country and global leaderboards will be updated every three hours. Besides, you will be able to see your ranking at the leaderboards.

Other Updates

Daily Objectives difficulties are updated to provide an even more enjoyable gameplay.
Some visual changes for the interface are made; tournament screen design is updated with a name change to ‘’Arena’’. Hence, the round screen design(?) is also updated.
Profil card design is updated.
Ingame sensitivity is also updated for a better game-play experience.
Vary of performance improvements are also applied.
We will keep updating and improving our game. We are looking forward to read your comments, thanks for playing Pool Elite!

Pool Elite Masters League Team

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