Pool Elite V1.12 Update is Live!

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Pool Elite V1.12 Update is Live!

Hello everyone, Pool Elite servers are up with new features. Let’s check what’s new:

-Gacha Chests!
One of the new features of V1.12 update is Chests in Market, each special Chest contains different rare items in it. You can win awesome items up to 30 days, 7 days and 3 days duration by opening Chests!
You can find Chests in the Market menu on main lobby.

-New Tier with Item Prize!
Do you prefer item prize instead of chips as a Champion? New tier in online matchmaking now gives Elite Cue Stick as a reward of being Champion.
*1st and 2nd rounds of Tier 6 won’t give any bonus chips as round prize.

-New Leaderboards: Friends!
An old friend came back to Pool Elite! We’ve added Friends section to Leaderboards menu. Now you can check your friends rankings and send them duel by clicking the name of your friends.

-Visual improvements
An animation of pop-up rewards is improved.
Snowflakes animation on main lobby is optimized and improved.

-Solo mode in Play menu now has level 2 requirement for new players.

-Minor bugs were fixed.

Thank you for your support and comments! If you experience with any issue, please feel free to report it to us.
Have a nice day all – Pool Elite Team

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