Pool Elite V1.16 Update is Live!

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Pool Elite V1.16 Update is Live!
Hello everyone, Pool Elite is live with V1.16 Update. What’s new?:

➤ On online ranked mode, round rewards are added back. After each round win, you’ll be awarded with mentioned round reward.

➤ On online ranked mode, same tier players will be matched with same tier players. As an example; if you are playing on Tier 2, your opponent will be playing on Tier 2, too.
If there is no enough player on Tier that you’re playing, you will be matched with a player from another Tier after a while.

➤ On online ranked mode, next tiers will be unlocked after being a champion on previous tier and also after reaching a required level that’s mentioned.

➤ Economy changes:
– Chips now can be purchased like Gold. When you click Chips button at top or when you’re Out of Chips, Purchase Chip screen will appear.
– Gold packs on Purchase Gold screen are updated.
– The items in Gift Chest are updated.
– The items in Gold, Silver, Wooden Chests are updated.
– The rewards on Daily Rewards > Calendar Rewards are updated.
– Market > Mini Games > Lucky Spin items are updated.
– The stats (power, spin, helper, time), requirements (league requirement, level requirement) and price of all items are updated.

➤ Mansion and Sky Lounge venues are removed.

➤ Game is under maintenance announcement will be shown when our game servers are closed for maintenance. Previously we were showing “Login Failed” announcement during maintenance.

➤ Play > Solo > Challenge games will give XP instead of Chips. After completing 1st and 3rd challenge categories, you’ll be awarded with items.
Rewards of challenge categories can be checked by clicking the mini item image on category box.

➤ Total EXP requirements to reach next levels are updated. High level players will be awarded with higher EXP after winning or losing the match.

➤ The game is optimized for better user experience.

➤ Minor bugs were fixed.

Thank you for your support! If you experience with any issue, please feel free to report it to us.
Have a nice day all – Pool Elite Team

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