Pool Elite V1.18 Update is Live!

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Pool Elite v1.18 Update is Live!

Hello everyone, Pool Elite is live with V1.18 Update. What’s new?:

➤ Monthly ELO reset system has been removed:
We were resetting ELO points to 1000 at the end of each month but this was confusing our players. After receiving many feedback about this reset system, we decided not to reset ELO points from now on.

➤ ELO Booster and ELO Protector items were removed from Market, Chests, Lucky Spin and Daily Rewards. The currency value of previously purchased ELO items has been injected to accounts after calculating remaining duration.

➤ Seasonal League was removed from Leaderboards menu.

➤ ELO ranges of divisions are updated..

➤ Mouse pointer related problems were fixed.

➤ The default graphic quality is set to Medium, previously it was set to Low quality. You can change graphic quality from Settings menu.

➤ Various bug fixes.

➤ Performance optimization.

Thank you all for your support!
Have a nice day all – Pool Elite Team

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