Pool Elite V1.19 Hot Fix Update is Live!

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V1.19 Hot Fix Update is live on Facebook version!
Hi everyone, Pool Elite is live with V1.19 Update. We made some improvements for better user experience and fixed many bugs, too.
What are the main changes?
➤ The information card of the players won’t be shown automatically after entering match.
➤ It wasn’t possible to close reconnect screen in-game, this bug was fixed.
➤ In Carom and 3-Cushion game modes, it wasn’t possible to close end score increase card easily, this bug was fixed.
➤ Practice menu is now have 2 sub-menus; Practice and Play VS Bot.
➤ New player tutorial is improved.
➤ Charge information and item information screens are added to Shop and Inventory. You can reach this information by clicking the question mark at top right of the screen.
➤ Information screen of League & ELO system is added to Leaderboards.
➤ Visual bugs were fixed.
➤ Minor technical bugs were fixed.
We’re working on remaining fixes. Thank you for sharing the bugs with us.
Thanks for playing!
Pool Elite Team
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