Pro Update 2015-05-07

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★ Pro Update in Pool Elite ★
As Pool Elite team, we are happy to announce our new special update today, most of new features are added to our game with your feedback, thank you!
As an apology for extended maintenance duration, please accept Mr. Magic cue stick as a gift at your first login.

Check out our new features below:
✔ A New Room for Pro Players!
The room and bet selection screens are renewed. With the new room and bet selection options, both new and pro players will be matched with best suitable opponents.
Now there are 4 rooms: Rookie, Seasoned, Veteran, Pro.
ELO limitations for Rookie room is 600~1050, for Seasoned room 1050+, for Veteran room 1150+, for Pro room 1250+.
Attention! Pro room is based on Best of 3 system. The one who reaches 2 wins first will win the Best of 3 (BO3) room. Therefore the scores can be 2-0, 0-2, 1-2, 2-1 at the end of the match. Good luck! smile emoticon

✔ Who’s rising star?
The Best Boxes in Leaderboards is activated!: Who’s rising star? Which items they use? We will see all the news from leaders here!

✔ New Special Offers Tab
A new Special Offers tab is added to Pool Elite SHOP. You won’t miss new offers from Pool Elite anymore!

✔ Snooker Concede Option!
You will be able to concede in Snooker if you don’t have a chance to win mathematically. Concede button will appear near score panel at the top only when it is your turn so that while your opponent is playing, you cannot concede. To see the concede button the point difference with your opponent should be 43+(red balls x 8).

✔ We’ll learn how to play Pool Elite!
Onboarding Tutorial is added to our game. We will learn the basics of Pool Elite in 3 steps. The players who complete the tutorial will receive 500 Chips as reward.

✔ May the 4th items are on the way to celebrate our new update!

✔ The gold and chip bug on World Mini-Game is fixed with the update today. The benefited amount of Gold and Chips are removed from the accounts of players who were benefited from the bug. We will make a detailed announcement about the bug.

If you experience with any errors or have suggestions, please send us bug report via in-game bug report tool or send message to us from this page.
Bug reporters may have a chance to win special prizes from us.
We are reading all of your bug reports and sending a reply to your e-mail addresses if needed.

Thank you for your support!
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